Navigating the New Bike/Ped Connector Trail

Can I still get from the Wolf River Bridge to the Shelby Farms Greenline? Can I still use Pine Lake Dr. to enter the Park? Is the trail wide enough for bikes and pedestrians?

These are a few questions we've been getting about the new Connector Trail at the Park. This is the first trail complete as part of Heart of the Park renovations! We understand that all the renovations have been moving quickly and we wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable with the new Park Entrance and Connector Trail. We put foot to trail and videoed the experience for you to see exactly how to move from the Walnut Grove crossing, along the new trail, and up through the Park to the Greenline. 

While construction is underway, the Connector Trail is open to both cyclists and pedestrians. Once construction is complete, however, this trail will be solely for cyclists and roller-bladers and the Baptist Memorial Health Care Promenade directly adjacent to the lake will be solely for pedestrians. During the public input process while crafting the Master Plan for the Park, our users voiced a desire to have two separate paths around Patriot Lake. Because of the community's engagement, users will have a fast cycle track and a more leisurely path to enjoy recreation, relaxation, walking meetings, views of the lake and more!

Below are safety tips and a video to help you safely and confidently navigate the new pathway into the Park.  It is 3.6 miles from the Wolf River Bridge to the Shelby Farms Greenline and it took 18 minutes (including the time waiting at the Walnut Grove lighted crossing). Happy trails!

Tips for Sharing the Road

  • Use Your Bell and Your Voice | Let Pedestrians know you're passing before you approach
  • Cyclists Pass on the Left
  • Pedestrians Stay to the Right 
  • Use Your Hand Signals | Especially when changing lanes or approaching an intersection 

Below is the video from our first attempt using the GoPro (courtesy of Outdoors Inc.), but we think the footage turned out well! Skip to minute 6:50 to view the new stretch of the Connector Trail.

Wolf River Bridge to the Greenline from Jen Andrews on Vimeo.

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