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K-9 Academy at Shelby Farms Park is a program series created just for your favorite furry family member! Whether you are interested in puppy socialization, advanced obedience training, or anything in-between, K-9 Academy is the perfect fit for your pup. Shelby Farms Park is teaming up with Certified Professional Dog Trainers to provide a variety of classes, activities, and educational workshops to help create a happier, healthier life for you and your dog.  


Orientation allows potential K-9 Academy participants to learn about the Academy and our class structure before deciding to enroll their furry friends. This is a great time to ask questions and learn about some core practices we use to build trust between you and your pet and the behavior you desire from them. This orientation is 1-hour, and is people-friendly only. NO PETS PLEASE. One orientation class is mandatory before attending your first K-9 Academy class.

Fall class dates coming soon!

leash walking skills: walk in harmony with your dog

Does your dog pull on leash? Haul you down the street to greet new friends, to get to that squirrel, or to smell the next bush? Or, do you want your new puppy or dog to start off right with excellent leash manners? If you would like to enjoy your walks, in harmony with your dog and with a loose leash between you, this is the class for you. In this three week class we will focus exclusively on the skills you and your dog need to well walk together. We will discuss the bewildering array of walking equipment now on the market, and how to make the right choices for you and your dog. Your dog will learn the foundation skills (s)he needs to walk with you without pulling: focus, response to leash pressure, walking positions, and how to move with you when you start, stop, and turn. You will learn the skills you need, too: leash handling and mechanics, effective communication with your dog while (s)he is leashed, and how to encourage the walking you like while eliminating the pulling you don't. Oh, and we will play lots of loose leash games--fun for dogs and handlers alike!

This class is appropriate for: Both dogs that already pull, as well as puppies and dogs (4 months and older) that are just learning how to walk well on a leash. This class is not appropriate for dogs that are aggressive on leash.

Fall class dates coming soon!

Agility for Small Dogs (under 20lbs)

Have you ever wondered if your dog would enjoy agility training?  Here is your chance to team up with your canine and see! This course offers a variety of fun obstacles while we work at your dog’s individual level. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your dog’s obedience while incorporating fun agility training. This course is for people and dog-friendly dogs only. 

Fall class dates coming soon!

Reliable Recall/Come When Called

One of the most important and frequently used behaviors is come when called. It is also the one behavior we easily poison when we work with our dogs. If you want your dog to readily come to you when you call them, this 3-week course if for you.

Fall dates coming soon!

Manners 101

Want a dog that is polite, happy and cooperative, both inside and outside of your home? Want to have a dog that is a pleasure to walk, take on adventures, and to introduce to new people and situations?  Manners 101 is the foundation course you need to help you and your dog reach this goal! We use gentle, effective, training methods based on the science of how dogs learn to help you build a cooperative and lasting bond with your dog. This class is designed as a basic manners course for dogs 4 months and older who have had no previous obedience training, or who need a refresher. 

Fall class dates coming soon!

Manners 102: continued training for your real world adventures


This 5 week course is a follow-up to Manners 101 and builds on the skills you learned there. It's a fun, relaxed way to advance your new training relationship with your dog! Each week we will focus on taking one of your dog's foundation skills (e.g. sit, down, recall, focus, calm settling on a mat, etc.) and get it ready for the real world! We will practice focus and responsiveness around distractions, for longer amounts of time, and at greater distances from you.  We will also teach two intermediate skills that take self-control and precision (for you and the dog!): a closer "heel" walking position (dog right next to your side, walking in step with you), and "stay". Both these new skills can be invaluable in busy public environments, and are a blast to teach and learn. This class is flexible: all exercises are designed to challenge your dog at his or her level, whether you've been working with your dog for six weeks or six years. Each exercise will help you build on the training relationship you've already worked hard to develop, so that you can count on it wherever you take your dog: on walks, to the park, to a public patio, or just around visitors in your home.

This class is appropriate for: Dog and handler teams that have successfully completed Manners 101 or an equivalent.

Prerequisite: K-9 Academy Orientation + Manners 101

Fall class dates coming soon!

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