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K-9 Academy at Shelby Farms Park is a program series created just for your favorite furry family member! Whether you are interested in puppy socialization, advanced obedience training, or anything in-between, K-9 Academy is the perfect fit for your pup. Shelby Farms Park is teaming up with Certified Professional Dog Trainers to provide a variety of classes, activities, and educational workshops to help create a happier, healthier life for you and your dog.  

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What: Manners 101

When: Six-week class beginning Saturday, October 28 

Time: 1pm

Where: Yurt (by Woodland Discovery Playground)

Cost: $125 (Members) $150 (nonmembers)

Course Description: Do you want a dog that is polite, happy and cooperative, both inside and outside of your home? Want to have a dog that is a pleasure to walk, take on adventures, and to introduce to new people and situations?  Manners 101 is the foundation course you need to help you and your dog reach this goal! We use gentle, effective, training methods based on the science of how dogs learn to help you build a cooperative and lasting bond with your dog. This class is designed as a basic manners course for dogs 4 months and older who have had no previous obedience training, or who need a refresher. 



What: Tricks 101

When: Six-week class beginning Saturday, September 30

Time: 2pm

Where: Yurt (by Woodland Discovery Playground)

Cost: $125 (Members) $150 (nonmembers)

Orientation: Mandatory Orientation Class ($10) for new students (to be scheduled with the student)

Course Description

Are sit and stay too passé? Do you ever watch videos of dogs doing amazing and cute things (I know you do!) and wonder..."could my dog do that?" Did you know that all those tricks start from the same set of foundation skills? 

This class is designed to teach you and your dog the skills you need to become trick stars. In addition to foundations skills, we will learn tricks like: crawl, wave hello, spin in a circle, jump through a hoop or over a bar, fetch a specific object from a group of objects, sit pretty, weave through poles or in a figure 8 around your feet, and more! Tricks are also an excellent way to hone your own training skills and improve your dog's practical skills; after all, to your dog, everything you've taught them is a trick! 

Prerequisites: Manners 101 OR some familiarity with clicker training, hand targeting and shaping (person and dog).


Manners 102 class dates will be announced soon!



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