Food, Water + Restrooms

Food, Water + Restrooms

Vending Machines | Woodland Discovery Playground
Lake's Edge Gift Shop | First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center
Pine Lake Boat House + General Store | Pine Lake near the Woodland Discovery Playground
Food Trucks | availability + locations vary; check calendar for details
Cheffie's at Shelby Farms Park - opening Fall 2019 in the First Tennessee Foundation VIsitor Center
Coastal Fish Company - opening Fall 2019 adjacent to the FedEx Event Center

Water Fountains
First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center | water bottle filling station available
The Outback (Gate 12) | dog fountain available
Woodland Discovery Playground 
Shelby Farms Greenline (0.0 mile marker) | water bottle filling station + dog fountain available
Hyde Lake South Parking Lot


First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center
Woodland Discovery Playground
Hyde Lake South Parking Lot

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