Legacy Walk

Outback Legacy Walk In honor of your pet. In support of the Park.

Commemorate your beloved pet on the Outback Legacy Walk - a new brick-lined walkway at the entrance to the off-leash dog area at Shelby Farms Park. At Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, we privately raise more than $2 million a year (more than 75% of our budget) to manage and operate Shelby Farms Park and all the amenities it offers. The Outback Legacy Walk gives donors the chance to support the Conservancy with permanent acknowledgment in a meaningful and high-traffic area.  

Call or email to reserve a brick today.

Legacy Walk Paver Order Form

For more information, contact Caleb Tinkle, Membership Manager at 901.222.7248 or ctinkle@shelbyfarmspark.org.

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