park rules

Guidelines for keeping the Park fun and safe for everyone.

In order to ensure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience at Shelby Farms Park,  we ask that you respect the following rules.

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  • No recreational drones allowed in the Park

  • No cutting of trees or removal of flora of any kind

  • Please do not approach, disturb or feed any wildlife

  • ATVs and four-wheelers are not allowed. Off-road driving is not allowed

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed

  • Hunting is not allowed

  • Music must not be played loud enough to be heard outside the vehicle

  • No parking on grass in any areas

  • Picnic pavilions and picnic areas must be reserved in advance. 

  • No moon bounces, space walks, inflatables, water slides, dunk tanks, petting zoos or climbing walls

  • Speed limit is 20 MPH

  • No personal grills

  • No littering

  • No metal detectors

  • All pets must be on-leash. Owner must hold leash in-hand and pet must be under owner's control


  • No swimming or wading

  • Non-motorized boats only

  • Remote control boats are allowed, but must keep respectable distance from other water craft

  • A valid Tennessee fishing license is required (for those 13 and over), and Tennessee fishing rules and regulations apply on all lakes. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency enforces fishing license regulations

  • Fishing will be allowed in Hyde Lake (formerly called Patriot Lake) once its 3-year stocking program is complete and fish are mature enough to support fishing.  Fishing is permitted in all other lakes.

  • All boats, including canoes and kayaks, must be equipped with one wearable personal flotation device for each person on board.  All persons 12 years or under are required to wear a personal flotation device.  According to TWRA regulations, those not following this requirement may be subject to a fine.

  • Carp may not be taken.  They must be returned to the water. 

  • For more information, including fishing license qualifications, creel limits and safety regulations, visit


  • Dogs are not allowed off leash in Shelby Farms Park or on any trails (with the exception of the designated Off-Leash Dog Park area)

  • Make sure your dog is responsive to your verbal commands

  • One dog per person, please

  • Pick up and properly dispose of solid pet waste

  • Don’t let your dog disturb or interfere with wildlife or other Park users

  • Keep the leash length under 10 feet

  • Recognize that your dog may not get along with all other dogs

  • Supervise your pup at all times and interrupt any rough play

  • Think carefully about bringing treats to the park and use them only when other dogs aren’t around


  • Trail open sunrise to sunset

  • Remain on trail at all times

  • Travel at a reasonable speed in a consistent and predictable manner

  • Slower traffic keep right

  • No motorized vehicles except electric wheelchairs and bicycles

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • Leash and pet waste clean-up laws will be enforced


  • Children ages 2-12

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

  • Adults may not enter the playground without a child

  • No pets

  • No wheels (bikes, wheelies, skateboards, etc.)

  • No food or beverage

  • No drugs, smoking or alcohol

  • No amplifying sound

  • No disorderly conduct

  • No commercial activity

  • Parties and groups must make a reservation to attend (email or call Brandy at (901) 222-7280 to reserve)

  • You are not permitted to bring in your own tables

  • Playground may be cleared and/or closed due to inclement weather including thunder or lightning. The area will not reopen until it is determined that the threat of weather is no longer present. 

  • Shelby Farms Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

water play sprayground

  • Children ages 2-10

  • Children ages 2-3 must have one parent or guardian (age 17+) accompany the child into the play area.

  • Children that are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers.  No regular diapers allowed.

  • Wristband is required for entry and must be worn at all times while in the play area.

  • Follow all instructions given by Water Play monitors

  • Children with diarrhea or who are vomitting will not be allowed into the Water Play area.

  • Do not climb, stand or jump on boulders, rocks, gates, water jets or any other equipment.

  • No balls, toys, pets, food, drink, smoking or glass containers are allowed in the play area.

  • Running, horseplay, profanity, aggressive and/or abusive behavior are not permitted.

  • Do not drink the sprayed water or place face directly into the streams of water. 

  • Appropriate swimwear / clothing (bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts) is required at all times and will be determined by management.  No visible undergarments.

  • Please do not hang towels on gates, rocks or boulders.

  • Water play area may be cleared and/or closed due to inclement weather including thunder or lightning. The area will not reopen until it is determined that the threat of weather is no longer present. 

  • All injuries, however minor, must be reported to the Water Play monitor immediately and an accident report must be completed. 

  • Use of water shoes and sunscreen is not required, but is highly recommended.

  • Shelby Farms Park is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. 


  • All professional photography and filming must be scheduled at least five business days in advance by calling (901) 222-7299 or by emailing  An application form must be completed for each visit, and must be approved before coming to the Park.

  • Professional photography/filming is defined as:

    • shoots involving props, changes of clothing or more equipment than basic tripod and flash

    • photographs and/or film from the shoot that will be used for monetary gain or used in advertising goods or services

  • Shoots must take place during regular Park hours of sunrise to sunset.  Filming outside these hours may be considered in special circumstances and additional fees may apply

  • Restrooms may not be used for changing.  Any rooms needed for changing, equipment storage, holding areas may be rented in advance for use. 

  • Shelby Farms Park is a public space.  Please do not block or block off any sidewalk, trail, walkway or road in any area of the Park or be disruptive to Park visitors or their activities during photo sessions / filming. 

  • The subject matter of the photography or filming session must meet acceptable community standards.

  • All other Park rules must be followed. 

  • A hold harmless agreement must be signed by all participants and a copy of the applicant/organization's insurance must be submitted at least 72 hours before the shoot.

  • Multi-visit permit for photographers: $175 / year
    One-time permit for photographer: $75

  • Filming fees:  start at $300/ day.  Additional site fees may apply

  • Download our Photography + Filming policies and application

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