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From planting trees to removing invasive species, Park Rangers are always working hard to keep Park forests healthy and looking good! With hundreds of acres of woods, it's a big task! 

Park forests are plagued with an invasive species of plant -- Chinese privet -- which prevents new growth from occurring. Removing privet isn't easy to do, but our team works hard to strategically tackle the issue. It's something we'll be battling for a while, but knowing that the forests will continue to thrive for generations because of the work happening today is a big motivator! 

Another issue that our forests face is segmentation. What is today a park was once a thriving prison farm, and the land was shaped to meet agricultural needs. In order for fields to grow, vast sections of forests were removed, leaving island ecosystems scattered across the land. Shelby Farms Park Conservancy has been and continues to work toward strategically reconnecting these pieces by removing invasive species from existing forest areas and by planting native trees and plants. As the health of the forest improves, both native and migrating animals benefit. 


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