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Let’s Get And Stay Fit Together!

We’re two months into the year--how are your resolutions going? Whether you’re keeping pace with your plan, need some help getting back on track or are just now taking the first steps of your fitness journey, Shelby Farms Park is a great place to work on your health and wellness goals! Check out the tips and ideas below to help you get moving in the great outdoors!


Team Effort
Motivation can be hard to come by, especially in the winter months! Find a friend who can help keep you accountable and put together a plan that you can stick with. Try out one of the Park’s free Get Outside! Fitness Programs together, or pick a spot to meet for regular walks, runs, hikes or bike rides!
Get Outside! Fitness programs are made possible by Baptist Memorial Health Care.

Circle Up
Did you know that we recently installed a circuit workout station? This free-to-use amenity features equipment to help you complete a full-body fitness session at your own pace! You can find detailed instructions and video links that demonstrate how to use the equipment at each station. 


Go Your Own Way
Did you know that Shelby Farms Park is home to more than 40 miles of trails? With both paved and unpaved options, you can vary your walks, hikes, runs and bike rides to keep things interesting! You can find trail details here. If you want to cruise through the Park but don’t have a set of wheels, we can help! Learn more about year-round bike rentals here (shout out to our Wheel House partners, Smith & Nephew!).
Training Tip: Keep up with your miles on the Greenline using the Campbell Clinic mile markers!


Think Outside the Trail
We’re big fans of hitting the ground running, but a unique way to workout at Shelby Farms Park is to take to the water! You can work up a serious sweat by paddling around 80-acre Hyde Lake on a canoe, kayak or SUP or by peddling a paddle boat around Pine Lake! You can BYOBoat or rent one at the Park when the weather warms up.


Fun Fact: Park Education + Programs Coordinator Christina has a background in exercise science! We asked her to share some winter wellness tips: 

  • Set a goal and track your workouts - Start small. Set a goal to exercise 3 or 4 days each week for 30 minutes. Write down the date and exercises you completed to motivate yourself to continue pursuing your fitness goals.  

  • Cold weather workouts - Check the forecast and pay attention to wind chill when planning your outdoor winter workouts. Dress for the weather and wear layers in cold weather. 

  • Complete an at home workout - If the weather is too cold or you can’t make it to the Park or gym, bodyweight exercises can still be performed at home without any equipment.

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