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National Fitness Day

May 1 is National Fitness Day and Shelby Farms Park is a great place to get fit.  Whether you are taking the first steps of a fitness journey or are a weekend warrior, you will find just the right activity at the Park  


Play the Shelby Farms Park Fitness Challenge Bingo. Challenge yourself to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal bingo by completing various fitness activities in the Park. Download or print your card here.

Hit The Trails
Did you know that Shelby Farms Park is home to more than 40 miles of trails? With both paved and unpaved options, you can vary your walks, hikes, runs and bike rides to keep things interesting! You can find trail details here
Keep up with your miles on the Greenline using the Campbell Clinic mile markers!

Outdoor Fitness Stations
Did you know that we have an outdoor circuit workout station? This free-to-use amenity features equipment to help you complete a full-body fitness session at your own pace! You can find detailed instructions and video links that demonstrate how to use the equipment at each station. 

Free Fitness Classes
Catch a free Get Outside! Fitness class.  The class lineup currently includes yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and Total Body Conditioning. Check out the class schedule here.
Thanks to Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation for making these classes possible. 

Think Outside the Trail
We're big fans of hitting the ground running, but a unique way to workout at Shelby Farms Park is to take to the water! You can work up a serious sweat by paddling around the 80-acre Hyde Lake on a canoe, kayak or SUP! You can BYOBoat or rent one at the Hyde Lake boat house. 

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