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Time to Shine at Starry Nights

Starry Nights will be shining brightly on select nights through Saturday, January 1, 2022 (and during the grand finale BuffaGLO Run on January 2, 2022, presented by Sylvamo), and we've put together some quick tips and reminders to help you plan and enhance your experience! Check out the info below, and if you need more info, head to the Starry Nights event page for full calendar, event details, tickets, FAQ and more!


This year, there is only one entrance to the event, so all cars should enter Starry Nights from Farm Road onto Great View Drive North through the Park’s main gate. As you arrive, tune your radio to 100.9 FM for event instructions.

As we get closer to Christmas, lines will be longer and so will wait times. We're working hard to keep traffic flowing without rushing guests through the lights, so please pack your patience and be kind in line

To help keep things moving and to reduce your wait time, please arrive during your selected arrival window time. While this window will not totally eliminate the possibility of a wait, it will reduce the overall time you spend in line. Note: Arriving earlier or later than your window places you in a different time slot and will increase your wait time.  

Want to know approximately where you are in line? These locations mark roughly estimated wait times from that point to the ticket booth (actual time in line may vary):
Main Entrance Gate (Farm Road and Great View Drive North intersection): approximately 30 minutes
Walnut Grove and Farm Road intersection / Mullins Station Road and Farm Road intersection: approximately 90 minutes


As you enter the event, please dim your headlights and stay in your vehicle inside of Starry Nights. The show’s route is 1.5 miles long and it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive through. While all of the light displays in Starry Nights are photo-worthy, there are only three designated photo opp stops. Here, you can park your car, snap a quick photo and return to the route. If you’re making a Selfie Stop, follow the tips below to help ensure everyone has a bright and enjoyable experience!

Want to see the lights at a slower pace?
Join us for our next Walk the Lights night on Monday, December 27,
then for the grand finale on January 2 for the BuffaGLO Run, presented by Sylvamo!



  • Stay in your vehicle until you arrive at one of the three Photo Opp Stops:
    • Igloo - presented by nexAir
    • Hernando de Soto Bridge - presented by I Love Memphis
    • Santa Hat - presented by brother
  • Please park only in the designated parking areas for these displays
  • Make it snappy so that everyone can enjoy the displays
  • Do not leave or walk around outside of the designated Selfie Station and Selfie Station parking areas
  • Please do not touch or climb on the displays


Whether you already have a ticket or need to purchase a ticket, all cars should enter Starry Nights from Farm Road on to Great View Drive North through the Park’s main gate. If using a navigation system, use the intersection of "Farm Road + Great View Drive North " as the reference point in your location search. Note: Your system may attempt to reroute you around traffic to another Park gate, but you may only enter through the Park's main gate. Look for the Starry Nights sign at the entrance!


  • If you have little ones in your vehicle, extra toys and snacks may come in handy to entertain and help pass the time as you make your way to the event!
  • The closest portable restroom is located near the ticket booth.
  • Fill up with gas before you come! 
  • Dim your headlights as you enter the light show route.
  • Remember to pack your patience and be kind in line.

Your presence at Starry Nights is a present for Shelby Farms Park! Starry Nights is the largest annual fundraiser for Shelby Farms Park and Shelby Farms Greenline. Proceeds from this event help keep these community treasures open and operating for more than 6 million visitors a year. Thank you for your support and for spending part of your holiday season with us!

Starry Nights 2021 is made possible by




 Huey's Restaurants  Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance  NewSouth Capital Management

Media + In-Kind Partners
Cumulus Media • Standard Construction Co.  Tennessee Tractor • WREG

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