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Wildlife Education: White-tailed Deer

Shelby Farms Park has more than 20 lakes and ponds, more than 40 miles of trails, and a variety of animal and plant species that call the Park "home". Today, let's learn about one of those species, one that can often be seen peeking through the forests and brush of the Park--the white-tailed deer. 

White-tailed deer live in Shelby Farms Park and throughout the state of Tennessee. Because they eat a variety of plant material, white-tailed deer are classified as herbivores. Herbivores are also called plant-eaters because they eat producers such as grasses, parts of trees, and a variety of other plants.* Their agility, leaping ability, and excellent sense of smell help them pick up the scent of nearby predators and escape them. Fawns (young deer) have white spots which also provide camouflage and help them hide from predators. You can spot the difference between male and female white-tailed deer by searching for antlers. Only male white-tailed deer grow antlers, female white-tailed deer do NOT grow antlers. 

*Carnivores are also called meat-eaters, and omnivores eat both plants and meat.

Thanks to International Paper for helping make education programs at Shelby Farms Park possible.

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