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The Exhibit of Red Dresses to Honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women



Shelby Farms Park map


Come to Shelby Farms Park at the Beaver Lake or Chickasaw Trail and view an exhibition of Red Dresses to Honor the thousands of Indigenous Women and Girls that go missing, are murdered or are victims of violence every year. 

This is an adaptation of the Red Dress Project created by artist Jaime Black (Anishinaabe and Finnish). 

What are these dresses for?
Shelby Farms and Native RITES are raising awareness about the hundreds of indigenous women who go missing or are murdered annually in the United States.
Why are they red?
Many Native Americans believe red is the only spirits can see, and so the color helps those they’ve lost find them.
Why are they here?
Memphis are lucky to have a space like Shelby Farms, but safe spaces like this do no exist everywhere. Many Native women who share Shelby Farm’s values(conservationists) are among those most likely to be targeted.
Why are you doing this? There are no Native people here?
There are many indigenous people in Memphis, and across the United States. But we can’t fix problems we don’t know about!

The red dress has become a symbol of the MMIW movement and is being used all over the continent to bring more light and action to the tragedy. Visit for details.