Get Outside! Fitness Programs

Get Outside! Fitness Programs at Shelby Farms Park offer a chance for the whole family to get fit, stay active and enjoy being in nature! All Get Outside! Fitness programs are free to attend, and beginners are welcome!

Get Outside! Fitness Programs are part of Shelby Farms Park's Health + Wellness Programs, which are made possible by Baptist Memorial Health Care.

Classes are subject to occasional time or date change or cancellation. Classes may be canceled due to severe weather.  

Please check the calendar for most up-to-date schedule.

Please contact Christina Fortenberry at


Fitness for Adults / All Ages



BLT Fitness + Nutrition will challenge your body and mind during an intense full body workout that is designed to burn fat and build strength while helping you breakthrough your own limitations.  Every group training session is led by an experienced and certified personal trainer and is designed to be fun and high energy.  BLT created this boot camp challenge for anyone who is ready to stop making excuses and get the results they want! 

When:  Saturdays at 8am (No class on October 19)
Where:  AutoZone Front Porch at First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center 


Whether you’re a Pilates pro or new to the practice, these Pilates mat classes will be a perfect addition to any workout! Please bring your own mat to this class.

Returning Spring 2020


Strength training and basic movements
This fitness class is designed for our Wise Trek population (ages 50+) and for people with type 2 diabetes. Participants will be working with light hand weights, resistance bands and small inflatable balls. Classes start with a brief warm-up followed by strength training and light cardio, and finish with a cool down and stretch. Chairs are available throughout the workout if you need a short break

When:  Tuesdays at 1:30pm 
Where: AutoZone Front Porch at the First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center


Relieve stress and increase flexibility by participating in Tai Chi classes led by a certified instructor Richard Link, a Senior Trainer at Tai Chi for Health Institute. Tai Chi is an ancient practice that is enjoyable and safe for every fitness level. The slow, meditative movements of Tai Chi increase strength, range of motion and coordination. Classes can be enjoyed either sitting or standing. Comfortable shoes and loose clothing are recommended. Please bring a personal water bottle. This is a great fitness opportunity for our Wise Trek population (ages 50+) and for people with type 2 diabetes.  

When: Wednesdays at 3pm 
Where: AutoZone Front Porch at the First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center 


An all-levels class that will move, groove, and flow to upbeat music. With a different sequence and peak pose every week, this class will stay interesting and challenging as we move and breathe our way to happier hearts and more relaxed bodies.

With good humor and lots of laughter, learn how to advance your practice without taking yourself or your practice too seriously. This is a perfect class for people new to yoga, or students who want to re-connect with their fundamentals. Emphasis is placed on a strong foundation practice that you can build on for years to come. Basic postures, as well as transitions, like step-throughs and chatturangas, will be covered in depth. 

When: Saturdays at 9:30am (No class on October 19)
Where: AutoZone Front Porch at the First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center 

Hoop Fitness

Want to play and get fit at the same time? Hoop Fitness is a low-impact, full body cardio workout that can burn up to 700 calories per hour! Workouts will increase core strength, balance, coordination, posture, muscle tone and self confidence, all while having fun.

This isn't your kid's hula hoop! This class uses adult sized hula hoops that make it easier to maintain momentum while waist hooping and that will build strength while moving the hoop around the body. 

You are welcome to bring your own fitness hoop or you may borrow one from the instructor. A limited number of hoops will be available in a range of sizes on a first come, first served basis.

Designed for ages 14+

When: 11am | September 21, September 28
AutoZone Front Porch at the First Tennessee Foundation Visitor Center 


During this mental fitness workshop you will learn to clear your mind of stress from the work week and get recharged to tackle life's challenges and curve balls with a happy and upbeat attitude. Each week’s session is unique and covers a range of topics like Nature of Stress, Tendencies of the Mind, Meditation, Secrets of Breathing, Overcoming Depression & Anxiety Naturally, Raising Ones Energy, Finding Balance in Life and many more. The sessions combine simple yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation, and practical wisdom.

When:  Saturdays at 10:45am (No class on October 19)
Where: Yurt at Woodland Discovery Playground 
Who: Ages 18+ (no prior experience required; experienced practitioners may benefit, too)


This high-intensity interval training class is designed to keep your heart rate up and learn core spin moves in each session. Participants will be empowered to acheive their goals, both on the bike and in life, in this high energy class. Registration is required.   A limited number of bikes are available, and registrations will be confirmed in the order that they are received. Confirmation emails will be sent by 4pm on the Friday before each session.

Dates: Sept 7 (SESSION FULL), Sept 14 (SESSION FULL), Sept 28 (SESSION FULL), Oct 5 (SESSION FULL)
Time: 8:30am (Classes will last approximately 40 minutes)
Where:  Patio at the Woodland Discovery Playground Vending/Restroom Building


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