The Grove

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The Grove serves as the deep, stabilizing roots of Shelby Farms Park Conservancy's Annual Fund. The Grove encompasses the five highest giving levels, and these contributions help protect Park forests from invasive species, fund maintenance, repairs and improvements throughout the Park, care for trails and so much more!

When you give, your park grows. A lot.
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Founders Grove | Just two years after The Grove was founded in 2012, its Founding Members had raised more than $400,000. These Founding Members are permanently recognized on the Park's website, on permanent signage in the First Horizon Visitor Center, and in the annual report. Their support was integral in the success of Shelby Farms Park and the Shelby Farms Greenline. 

The Grove  Each year, new Grove Members are recognized digitally on the Park's website, on signage in the First Horizon Foundation Visitor Center and are included in the SFPC annual report.  


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