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Shelby Farms Park is a living classroom, and the Park team can help you get to know it!  Whether you want to take a guided tour, learn about native wildlife, or explore the Park’s habitats, we can help! Check out the information below to get started.


Shelby Farms Park is an outdoor classroom, and field trips can be customized to help you bring traditional classroom lessons to life! Programs are led by a certified educator and/or interpretive docents, including certified naturalists.


Park Field Trips

During a Park field trip, students will be engaged in hands-on learning.  Each field trip includes a lesson of your choice and a guided nature hike.  Lesson topics include:

  • Habitats | Identify the variety of species that make their homes in the Park's lakes, forests and grasslands   * 

  • Food Chains + Food Webs | Classify the roles of organisms in a food web and create food chain diagrams as you learn about the Park’s native wildlife  

    • Owl Pellet Dissections can be added onto this lesson for an additional cost. *See information below.

  • Dig It  | Understand the importance of gardens and learn how to care for herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables 

  • Native Mammals | Get to know the mammals that call the Park "home" and classify each mammal as a herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore

  • Buffalo Chat | Learn interesting facts about our bison herd and discover where these iconic animals roam

  • Native Reptiles | Identify the reptiles that live in the Park and investigate the adaptations that help them survive 

  • Birds in the Park | Discover where native birds live, what they eat, and why they are able to fly

    • Owl Pellet Dissections can be added onto this lesson for an additional cost. *See information below.

  • Insects in the Park | Learn about native insects and the characteristics that help them survive

  • Don't see the topic you're looking for? Custom programs are available

Mobile Classroom Programs

Can’t make it to the Park? We can bring the Park to you!  Mobile Classroom topics include: Habitats, Food Chains + Food Webs, Native Mammals, Native Reptiles, and Birds in the Park.

Owl Pellet Dissections

Ask our educator to add an owl pellet dissection to your field trip or mobile classroom program.  Owl Pellet Dissections are a great addition to the Birds in the Park lesson and the Food Chain + Food Web lesson.  Our educator will bring dissection tools, charts, and the owl pellets to lead your students through the dissection activity.  Please note that there is an additional price for this activity.


Field Trips | $4 per student (no charge for teachers + chaperones) 
Mobile Classroom Programs | $3 per student (no charge for teachers + chaperones)
Owl Pellet Dissection add-on | In addition to the field trip or mobile classroom fees, the cost of the owl pellets will also be added onto the invoice. 


Reservations and Contact Information

For more information and to reserve your field trip or mobile classroom, please contact Christina Fortenberry (licensed educator) at or (901) 222-7265.

If you are interested in purchasing Shelby Farms Park souvenirs for your students, please contact Dirk Kitterlin at (901) 222-7295 or


Custom Park Tours

Guided tours introduce visitors to the history of Shelby Farms Park and to the plans and amenities that are shaping its bright future.  These tours are led by interpretive docents, and the programs can be customized to accommodate all abilities – from highly active walking tours to drive-through tours for groups with limited mobility. Tours must be scheduled in advance.


Reservations and Fees

Please contact Christina Fortenberry at or (901) 222-7265 to reserve a tour guide. We offer tours free of charge but ask that you consider making a minimum donation of $25 to the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy.


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