Woodland Discovery Playground

The Woodland Discovery Playground is closed until further notice.

Woodland Discovery Playground

Did you know that this innovative play space was designed for kids, by kids?

Input from little play experts, play theorists and landscape architects shaped this special space, which has earned international awards for innovative and sustainable design!

In fact, the Woodland Discovery Playground was named one of the "16 Coolest Playgrounds in the World" by Mental Floss Magazine, and it was one of the first three sites in the world to earn Sustainable SITES Certification

The Woodland Discovery Playground features six play nests, each focused on a different type of play. Here, children of all ages abilities can discover new ways to play.

The Playground opens daily at 9am and closes one hour before sunset. 


To arrange for your group of 10 or more visiting the Playground, please contact our Sales + Events team at events@shelbyfarmspark.org or 901-222-7280.

Play it safe!  Check out the Woodland Discovery Playground rules here.  

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